quinta-feira, 23 de junho de 2016

Good moment for investments in Brazil

This is a good moment for investments in Brazil.
Some investments suggestions are below.
1- Investment in public bounds at ~14% interest rate. This is a zero risk investment.
2- Investment in some Real Estate with very atractive price. This is the ideal moment to invest because Assets are very cheap.
3- Several companies are looking for investors. Many companies are paying huge interest rates. So if we make investment and pay Loans and Other Debits, huge finance expenses will reduce drastically and companies will become protitable. Effectivelly astronomic costs of money in Brazil are killing the business and making rich the banks. 
5- For small investment the acquisition of commercial buildings or private houses can generate very atractive profit.
So, Investment from 10 thousands to some millions dollars if supported for competent finance management can generate very positive return.

Why this is the righ moment for investments?

For the following reasons:

1- Due to the crisis companies and persons are liquidating Assets for very attractive price. Assets sellers needs to make money to pay the huge interest rates to the banks. With cash on hand you can acquire assets until 40% below market price.

2- Level of confidence in the country is increase with new government. As soon as impeachment be approved companies with start up many project frozen during the prior government that distroyed economy. Strong recover in economy will occur.

3- I a short or midium time acquired Assets will evaluate considerably making possible to achieve important profits.

4- Reduction of financial costs additional to a schock of qualified management can add significant value in the business with very positive impact in EVA.

For this reasons and other inteligent investments made now will generate attractive profit in a near future.

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quinta-feira, 14 de abril de 2016

Reducción de los costes de embalaje

Podemos reducir sus costes de embalaje en Brasil y América del Sur. Trabajamos con alternativas de alta calidad a bajos costos. También entendemos la ingeniería técnica de envasado y temas regulatorios.

Entre muchos procesos tenemos los conociementos abajo:

  1. Evaluamos el sistema de envasado de su empresa (Interfaces: compras, calidad, producción, costos, ingeniería, marketing, distribución, CLIENTE, logística inversa);
  2. Desarrollamos el diseño de impresión de envases;
  3. Desarrollamos todas las especificaciones técnicas del producto y su embalaje, así como sus planes de control de calidad (inspección);
  4. Evaluamos y desarrollar el contenido impreso en el envasado de acuerdo con la legislación vigente;
  5. Desarrollamos los proveedores de empaques en cualquier segmento;
  6. Hemos desarrollado la externalización y la estandarización de sus procesos de fabricación;
  7. Seguimos el desarrollo de moldes de inyección y soplado y de aprobación de las pruebas;
  8. Hacemos un seguimiento de la utilización de sus pruebas de validación de embalajes (tryouts) y al proceso.

Mas informaciones en lo sitio de Alpha Premium


Packaging Costs Reduction

We can reduce your packaging costs in Brazil and South America. We work with high quality alternatives at lower costs. We also understand technically packaging engineering and regulatory subjects.

Among many other find below some processes we can contribute:

  • We developed the packaging print layout ;
  • We develop all the technical specification of the product and its packaging, as well as their Control Plans (Quality Inspection);
  • We evaluate and develop the content printed on the packaging in accordance with current legislation;
  • We develop packaging suppliers in any segment;
  • We developed the outsourcing and standardization of their manufacturing processes;
  • We follow the development of injection molds and blowing and tryouts approval;
  • We monitor the use of their packaging validation tests (tryouts) and process.

See Alpha Premium site in Portugueses

quarta-feira, 23 de março de 2016

Business Development / Results Recovery Plan

Idle Capacity, high inventory and Working Capital Turnover.
Lack of effectiveness of your Sales and Operation Force.

We can contribute!
Our consultants have deep experience.

We have deep experience in optimization of these and many other issues.

In Alphaville - São Paulo we can attend all Brazil and South America.

Feel free to contact.

see our web site

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Budgeting and Forecasting

Smart Costs Reduction

Best practices for your company         

Smart Costs Reduction                     

Business Evaluation Strategy         

Top Management SupportControllership, Finance & Operations best practices. Market Intelligence. Business Development.

Costs Reduction ProjectsWe work with a team ofexperts that will map the costs and will identify and implement costs reduction measures.

We are specialized in  Advanced Cost Systems (ABC/ ABM , Standard, CMS ), Plant Controlling, Business Controlling, Business Plan, P&L and working capital improvement.

We can support  your company in finance and operations projects, including M&A, Acquisitions, Due Diligencies, Evaluation, Restructuring Plan, Change Management, Costs Reduction Plan,  Interim Management.

We can train your managerial level in leadership, effective comunication, team work and advanced cost system tolls.

We help to develop strategies for Brand, Employees and Customers appreciation.



segunda-feira, 21 de março de 2016

Costs Reduction / Cost Management

Suppliers & Product Development

Alpha Premium has a skilled team for suppliers development. We find the best suppliers and qualify them technically.

In the area of Packaging Engineering we add value to the products, improve quality and reduce costs.
If you business has idle capacity we help to find alternative for optinmization of your machine and equipments.
Technicall solutions, inovation, products redesign and reegineering.


Costs Reduction

Alpha Premium Professionals have large experience in COSTS REDUCTION.

We go deeply and identify costs reduction opportunities and recommend measures for costs reduction,

Support in all Brazil and South America countries.

This includes:

Raw Material prices
Production Yied
Technicall issues impacting productivity
Labor and Overhead Costs Reduction
Working Capital Reduction
Packaging Engineering
Productivity Increase

Fell free to contact


Family Business Consultants - Consultores de Empresas Familiares

Alpha Premium professionals have developed broad experience at International Companies.

In the last years Alpha Premium has provided services to Family Companies through Professional Practices implementation.

Owners and managers of that companies got positive surprise with results. The gain are reflected in profitability but the main gain is in quality life. 

Do not lose more time ant contact us. You will see the tremendous costs benefit that Professional Management will bring to your family business.

Best International Consultants in Brazil


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