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We are in November 2017 and you have not yet closed your Budget ( Business Plan )?

We are in November 2017 and you have not yet closed your Budget?

For any size every company should have a Business Plan. A detailed planning with all the lines of a DRE, Working Capital Forecast and Projected Balance. Sales forecasts by product or product family. Elaboration of the Budget by the method TOP Line (Sales Goals) or Bottom Line (Profit Line). A comparative reporting system that is made available in the first days of each closed month. A simulation model where changes in item-to-item sales directly show the impact on profit. But if your company already uses a system we can revise it to optimize. And the good new: fees according to the size of the client. I can suport companies in any part of the world.


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Managing Complex Changes

ALPHA PREMIUM Consulting can support your organization in  Complex Changes Management.


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